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As accredited business appraisers, Taylor & Morgan provides independent valuation services for business owners, banks, attorneys and investors.

We have performed hundreds of valuations in support of SBA backed loans, conventional bank funding, dispute resolution, and merger or acquisition transactions. Our process involves our expert staff combining the business information with multiple sources of third party research data to produce a professional and reliable valuation report.

  • Buy-side: we assist you in finding the correct price to pay for a business you may want to buy, and we will advise you through the whole transaction if needed;
  • Sell-side: we will value or help you support the value of your business should you be looking to sell. We have experience assisting clients with succession planning, family buy-outs, strategic sales and liquidation of your investment;
  • Tax related: we are accredited so can provide tax related valuations in terms of the various IRS Revenue Rulings for IRS examinations, estate tax and related party transfers;
  • Dispute resolution: we can be called to value a business that is subject of a dispute between the owners or in a divorce. We have experience acting as valuation experts in court.


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